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Our Kingdom family has awarded over $50,000 annually to deserving students!

Application Opens: June 1, 2021
Application Deadline:  June 30, 2021

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Scholarship Information

The Kingdom Fellowship AME (KFAME) Church Scholarship is offered to graduating High School Seniors who are active members in the Church for at least one year. The scholarship is for training and education beyond High School. KFAME scholarships are primarily awarded to members based on academic achievement. However, limited scholarships are awarded to eligible members based on financial need. Below you will find scholarship information and application.


To be eligible for this one-year one-time only award, the applicant must:    

  1. Have a cumulative GPA of:
    a. Academic achievement – 3.0 or higher      
    b. Financial need based – 2.5 -2.99

  2. Be an established member of Kingdom Fellowship for at least one (1) year.

  3. Be enrolled and/or accepted for enrollment in an institution of higher learning on full time basis.

  4. Be a member in good standing. (This means you are active and engaged)

  5. Demonstrates community service and involvement.

Application Components

  1. Online application (see below)

  2. Two letters of recommendation
    a. HS teacher, counselor, administrator, or coach
    b. Member in good standing from KFAME.

  3. Essay

  4. Copy of Acceptance Letter

  5. Copy of Official High School Transcript

  6. Digital Headshot

  7. Signed and dated application


New this year, KFAME will only be accepting online applications.  (This includes the application and any attachments). It is highly recommended that you click the link for the PDF version of our online application, print it, and write out a draft for your application on paper. Once you have edited the application, go back to the online link and enter your information in the fields provided.



“The Kingdom Fellowship AME scholarship has allowed me to pursue my passion in Business and Cinematic Arts with less stress of how I will pay for college. It is very impactful to know that I have a church behind me that wants me to succeed in pursuing higher education. This scholarship has motivated me to push through the struggles of a virtual first-year and be optimistic of my future!”

candace house

“It was an honor to be recognized as a Kingdom Fellowship Scholar for the 2020-2021 school year. Receiving the scholarship aided my first year of college tremendously and I will truly never be able to express my gratitude. Because of Kingdom Fellowship and my amazing church family, I have ample support to be covered in my college journey.”

Lillian Carr

“Receiving the scholarship from Kingdom Fellowship AME was truly a blessing. This scholarship has been very beneficial to me in my studies at George Mason University and it has been a reliable foundation for resources that are helpful for my education. My $5000.00 scholarship enabled me to purchase the tools essential to pursue my undergraduate degree in communications. I was able to purchase all of the necessary supplies such as a computer, books, and journals. In addition, this scholarship has been another reminder of how great God is and has enhanced my motivation to excel as I was recently inducted into the Lambda Sigma Honor Society. I am encouraged to continue to serve my church and community and to do His will!”

Jalen Stubbs

“I have been a member of Kingdom Fellowship my whole life. When it was time for me to go off to college, I applied for all types of scholarships. Receiving the scholarship from Kingdom Fellowship was a blessing. It left me joyous to know that my church family wanted to invest in my education to help further my success. With the scholarship I was able to obtain a Bachelor’s in Science in Sport Management from Hampton University.”

Sydney Mann-Howard

“While winning the KFAME scholarship certainly allowed me to better support myself financially during my first year of school, the award represents a lot more than just a check. It provides assurance and offers a constant reminder that I do not face the unique adversities and stressful climate of Harvard alone. I know that there is a community constantly praying and looking out for me.”

David Hill

“Around this time last year, I was a high school graduate of Laurel High School and now I attend Prince George's Community College. The Kingdom Fellowship Scholarship Program helped me tremendously through my first year of college because it met the expense of my books, classes, and other things for me to expound on my educational journey. This program is the best scholarship program for any young adult looking forward to succeed in their career goal. I am thankful and grateful for Pastor Matthew Watley and my Kingdom Fellowship Family for your continued commitment and contributions to see me succeed.”

Celena Major