Follow along as we build our new church home

Our Kingdom Builders Campaign is about raising the level of our faith as we raise the necessary resources to build our new church.  We have an opportunity to shape generations for the cause of Christ and to share the gospel with thousands and millions who may never hear the name of Jesus without our efforts.  We have been given an opportunity to build a base of operation to do Kingdom work locally, nationally and globally at our new worship campus.  Most Christians will never have the opportunity to leave such a legacy, but God has favored us, and we are excited about co-laboring with God.  1 Corinthians 3:9 states, “For we are God’s fellow workers, you are God’s field, you are God’s building.”



What is Kingdom Builders?

Kingdom Builders is our commitment to co-labor with God to expand our church and achieve the mission that God has given to us. We have been given an opportunity to build a base of operation to do Kingdom work locally, nationally, and globally. Each member, through Kingdom Builders, is given the opportunity to leave a legacy by making a tangible investment that will reap eternal rewards.

When did Kingdom Builders begin?

The official start date of Kingdom Builders was November 24th, 2019.

What happened with the By Faith Campaign?

The By Faith Campaign in 2014 raised $3.5 Million. As a result, this allowed us to acquire our Center Park property in March 2017 for $7.2 Million.

Where is our new church located?

11710 Beltsville Drive, Beltsville, Maryland

What building will become our new church?

Building Number Two.

What will be included in the new church?

1650 seat Sanctuary, Chapel, Prayer Room, Children’s and Nursery Worship, Play Area, Indoor Playground, Teen Space, and Classroom Areas. A Commercial Kitchen, Fellowship Hall, Audio-Video Studios, Community Outreach Space, Administrative Areas, Welcome and Volunteer Lounges, Adult Classrooms, and much more.

When will we move into our new space?

Construction is slated to begin in late 2020. Our current schedule calls for us to move into our new church late 2021 or early 2022.

What is the plan for the other building?

We are presently exploring a number of exciting opportunities for the building. These opportunities include usages connected to our mission to be a Community Church with a global impact.

How will the money that is raised be used?

The monies raised will be used to meet our remaining financial obligations to the development budget. We currently need to provide another $3.5 Million by June 2020. The bank will then release us to draw down on the construction loan to complete our project.

How long is the campaign?

Kingdom Builders is a two-year campaign with a $5 Million goal, that began on November 24th, 2019. In order for us to meet our construction schedule, we will need to have raised $3.5 Million by June 2020. We are asking that each of us would advance as much of our commitment to those beginning months of the campaign.

Should I direct my regular giving to Kingdom Builders?

No. Your giving to Kingdom Builders should be above and beyond your regular giving.

How do I give?

There are five (5) ways to give to Kingdom Builders: the Kingdom Fellowship website, Kingdom Fellowship App, CashApp, Givelify, or church envelope. We are also able to accept stock transfers, real estate, and other non-traditional gifts.

What more can I do?

In addition to your commitment to give to Kingdom Builders, we ask that you continue to pray for this Kingdom Builders Season. We ask that you speak well of Kingdom Builders; spread the word and share your story of how God has blessed you through your giving and through Kingdom Fellowship AME Church.