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Our Kingdom Students Ministries (Nursery, Kids, Teens, College) guide our youth in Learning, Loving, and Living their faith. Each Sunday we post services on our KFAME website and KFAME YouTube channel. The worship and lessons provide children the opportunities to grow in their relationship and love of Jesus.

Contact emails can be found down below for each ministry.​

Kingdom Nursery


“I will give thanks to the Lord with my whole heart.” PSALM
111:1, ESV



Who can you thank for everything? I can thank God for



What You Need:

Basket and several small items (toy food, toy people, water
bottles, etc.)


What You Do:

Fill the basket with the items. Sit down with your child
with the basket between you. Invite your child to take turns with you picking
an item out of the basket and thanking God for it.


What You Say:

Say, “In our Bible story today, a woman and her husband made
a special room for Elisha to stay in when he came to visit. They even put a
bed, desk, lamp, and chair in it! Elisha was so thankful for his room. We can
be thankful for things we have, too. Let’s take turns closing our eyes and
choosing an item from the basket. When you open your eyes, say, “I can thank
God for [item’s name]. “There are SO many things we can thank God for, because
we can thank God for everything! Who can you thank for everything? I can thank
God for everything! Again! Who can you thank for everything? I can thank God
for everything!”



Helpers: Color the community

Elisha’s Room: If you prefer the
black/white copy, cut and color the room/furniture. Place the items in Elisha’s
room. If you use the color copy, cut and place the items around the room!



“God, we love You. Thank You so much for the woman and her
husband who helped Elisha in such a big way. Thank You for the people in our
lives who help us, too! We are so thankful to You for giving us people to help
us. In Jesus’ name we pray, Amen.”


Nursery Resources:

If you have any questions please contact Ms. Kim or Ms. Christina

Kingdom Kids


That’s What Friends Are For

Giving Freely to the Lord’s




Make the most of what you’ve got


Contentment is learning to be okay
with what you have




2 Corinthians 8:1-5 NIrV




he said to them, Watch out! Be on your guard against wanting to have more and
more things. Life is not made up of how much a person has.’
Luke 12:15, NIrV



You can always use what you have to help someone else.


I should treat others the way I want to be treated.


Morning Time

Start your kid’s day off with encouragement by telling them
how much you love being their parent.

Meal Time

At a meal this week, make a plan— as a family—to use what
you have to help someone else. Donate items to an organization or prepare a
meal for someone you know.


Drive Time

While on the go, ask your kid: “What in your life makes you
happy right now?”

Bed Time

Pray for each other: “God, show us ways we can help
others with the talents and things You have given us.”

Kids Resources:

– Kids Activity

If you have any questions please contact Rev. Jones RevJones@Kingdom.Global

Kingdom Teens

Headline: Beauty of the Rain
Focus Scripture: Isaiah 55:8-11

Main Point: The text for today reminds us that everything God allows to happen, will accomplish exactly what it is God planned for it to accomplish. This means that no “rainy day” is without purpose in our lives. Every difficult season, trial, or storm in the Bible had a purpose. But, often times, those who were in the storm would miss that purpose because they would be to focused on the inconvenience of the rain. God doesn’t want us to be so focused on the “rain” in society, or in our personal lives, that we miss out on what He is trying to do within us. 

Reflection Questions

1.    How might God use this season to grow you?
2.    How might God be using this season of distance to heal you or to get rid of some things that might be stunting your growth?
3.    Are there some things that you think God might be trying to remove from you so that you can grow and be complete?
a.    What are they?
4.    What do you think might pull your focus from God in this season?
5.    How can you find out from God what he may be trying to do in your life during this time?
a.    ____________
b.    ____________
c.    ____________

If you have any questions please contact Rev. Mariah Crews Revmimi@Kingdom.Global

Kingdom college

TitleThings will get better


Text-Psalm 30 Verse 5


Synopsis– Life is unpredictable and can leave us in despair. Despair can rear it’s ugly head in each aspect of our lives. Finances, health, relationships, and other things can have a negative impact on our lives. Certain situations can linger and have no sign of conclusion. We may not know when the Lord is going to provide resources or when he is going to heal a loved one.  The length of the struggle can be disheartening but God reminds us in his word that things will get better. The night may seem long, rough, and rugged but God promises us that there will be joy. God will bring joy to aspects of our lives in which we never thought it could be attained. We have to rest assure that things will get better after while.


Relevant questions

How has your faith been tested during COVID-19?

What aspects of your life need improvement?

What do you want God to do in the fourth quarter of this year for your good?


If you have any questions please contact Min. Sean Lewis slewis@Kingdom.Global

Kingdom Young Adults


Luke 13:6-9 
The Fig Tree 
In God, you and I have many opportunities to produce something great where we are. For many of us, the question is where are we, and what are we creating where we are? The question of production is not one of comparison or competition. Like the vineyard owner, God is checking each our lives to see if we have lived up to our potential in God. God is not comparing my fruit to yours; that’s comforting! There is grace in God in that there is an allowance for us to recalibrate and produce what God intends in this season where we are and as we look forward to what’s to come. 
  1. In what ways have you produced fruit this year?
  2. What shifts do you need to make to be more productive?
  3. How has God extended grace to you in this season as it concerns fruit production?

If you have any questions please contact Rev. Erica St Bernard or Rev. Russell St. Bernard RevRuss@Kingdom.Global